BLUECUBE Aerospace engages students, teachers and makers through its  CubeSat emulator kits, camps, and workshops

Interested persons should complete the form on our  Educator’s Network page.


are small satellites used for research, and provide students and educators an opportunity for hands-on scientific and engineering experiences. BLUECUBE Aerospace helps to make this opportunity a reality.

BLUECUBE Aerospace created its CubeSat Basic Emulator Kit and hosts the CubeSat GeoSciences and Remote Sensing Challenge.

The CubeSat Emulator Kit allows students to conduct authentic hands-on research and acquire marketable skills for the 21st Century workforce.

What can you do with a CubeSat?    Special thanks to Stephen Murphey at DIY Space Exploration for use of this video.

If you are a formal or informal Middle or High School educator in a STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering and math), we are interested in working with you! Please sign up through the Educators’ Network page. A BLUECUBE Aerospace team member will contact you about upcoming events.

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