About Us

The mission of BLUECUBE Aerospace L.L.C. is to:

  • Inspire middle school and high school students
  • Equip educators to build, launch, use and educate with CubeSats
  • Prepare the next generation
  • Create a competitive diverse and technical 21st century American workforce

The idea for the BLUECUBE concept was conceived in 2010 by Kevin Simmons and John D. Moore after meeting at the National Science Foundation.

Both were 2009-2011 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows, with Kevin serving in the Engineering Directorate and John in the Geosciences Directorate.

With the emergence of the CubeSat (a nanosatellite class of spacecraft) as a dynamic, teaching tool, the opportunity now existed to inspire a new generation of STEM focused Americans.


(*Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow Alumni)
Kevin Simmons* CEO, Founder, Alan Shepherd Technology in Education Award Recipient, TEKNA-THEOS Inc. Founder, Industry experience, PI – multiple FSGC Research and Education Grants, multiple Zero G flight experiments
Michael Piccione* Content Developer, Technology and Engineering Educator, FIRST Robotics and Technology Student Association Advisor
Arundhati Jayarao* CEdO, Theoretical Physics/Mathematics Ph.D., Physicist, Educator, STEM Program Development, Legislative Fellow at the U.S. Senate, Grant writer, International experience, over a decade of non-profit experience.
Peter Dorofy Content Developer, Director of Environmental Education at the Palmyra  Nature Science Center, GIS and Remote Sensing Instructor
Charles J Warren, Account Manager and Business Development, future founder of a start-up and entrepreneur.
Mary Piccione, Business Manager, Product Testor, Information Technology coordinator, and Intellectual Property activities.
Rhonda Simmons, Founder, Board Member

BLUECUBE Advisors 

John D. Moore* Board Chairman, Founder, GeoScience and STEM Director, Nature Science Center, President-Elect National Earth Science Teachers Association, Zero G CubeSat NASA flight
Alex Benn, former principal TEKNA-THEOS Inc. student, Zero G participant
Laura Rose, M.S. Aerospace Engineer/Student Mentor, hardware developer
Chris Campbell* Content Developer, NSTA District Director (AR, LA, MS), Society for Science and the Public Fellow
Chris Tolbert* Content Developer, Mechanical Engineer, National Board Certified Teacher, Accomplished H.S. Electric Racing Car Program
Kathryn Culbertson, Educational Programs Consultant, Director of Programs, The American Council of STEM Educators
Stephen Portz*, Engineering Design Support, Mechatronics, Certified SolidWorks Associate, NBCT Career and Technology Education, 12 Years Aerospace Experience at KSC
Joshua Abbott, Website Administrator, IT and Engineering Hardware Advisor
Brandon White, Software Developer, IT and Engineering Hardware Advisor
Monica Jan, Product Development/Strategy, MBA Wharton, Electrical Engineer, significant start-up executive experience, TRW, Broadcom, and Northrop Grumman
Various Technical Advisors – young engineers from prime contractors and seasoned professional engineers.