CubeSats, small satellites used for space research, give students an opportunity for hands-on scientific and engineering experience.

We want to help make that opportunity a reality.

Just as scientific research reflects a new era of multidisciplinary studies, so should the preparation of students reflect crosscutting experiences, knowledge and critical thinking skills through the establishment of a national network of geographically represented instructional nodes.

CubeSats allow educators and students to experience authentic science, conduct relevant research, and acquire marketable skills for the 21st Century workforce. Research shows that students are better engaged by hands-on instruction and learn through experience. Project-based learning and systems engineering allow students to apply the scientific and engineering methods to real-world problem-solving.

If you are a Middle or High School teacher in a STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering and math), or teach in an interdisciplinary environment, we are interested in working with you!  Please visit our Educators’ Network page and complete the form provided. A BlueCubeSat Team Member will contact you about upcoming events and information related to our CubeSat kits, teaching materials and events.