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Events that the Wolfpack have and will be taking part in.

Our Conference

SmallSat Education

As the SmallSat Revolution continues to disrupt commercial space, the democratization of space now enables educators access to low Earth orbit. Students may now be engaged with authentic experiences and training using various SmallSat platforms.


This gathering will provide hands-on opportunities for educators and students of all ages to learn how they may "Go To Space". This event is managed by the Aerospace and Innovation Academy, The Wolfpack CubeSat Development Team, and BLUECUBE Aerospace.

Upcoming Events



SmallSat is a conference dedicated solely to small satellites. Universities, companies, and other space teams travel from across the world to present their products and innovations in the field.

During the 37th Annual Small Satellite Conference, we will explore future missions and delve into key technological drivers, operational constructs, and activities that inform and secure the success of small satellite missions at scale.

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